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12 Step Guide to Your Best Birthday Ever

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What I’ve learned about having “A Great Birthday”

Good birthdays don’t just happen. You have to make them happen. Here’s my 12 step guide to having yourself a great one.

If you want it done right, do it yourself.



#1 The Perfect Dress

Find a dress. Wear it. Rock it. Own it.

#2 Bake your own cake

Lick the spoon. Eat the batter. Add an extra stick of butter to the frosting recipe. Lick your fingers. Lick the spatula. Lick everything.

#3 Champagne

Bring it. Drink it. Drink it all.

#4 Get the kids involved

Relish in this moment. Let them serve you. Even if they cry a little, enjoy it.

I like to call this “demanditory fun”

#5 Make them dress up too

This is a special occasion, one to be celebrated, honored, some would even say to be cherished. Make the kids dress up for goodness sake. If you have to squeeze into spanx and a pink princess dress to make a statement, then they have to wear bow ties and slacks as well. Trust me, they’ll love it, probably a little bit too much.


#6 Eat the Cake

Eat the cake, guilt free. Enjoy it. Savor the moment, the flavor, the calories, the fat. You’ve come a long way to get to this moment. Enjoy it.


#7 Don’t forget to bring along an antacid

You’re getting older now, all the sugary goodness paired with the bubbly champagne has potential to give you a little kick of heartburn, surprisingly.

Also be prepared for the champagne/sugar crash.

#8 Accessorize

Glam Shoes. Minions to serve you. Spanx to keep parts tucked in.

The devil is in the details they say. I say the details make or break you.

Accessorize with all things sparkly. With fun things. With necessities.


#9 Be yourself and have fun

Today is all about you. You do you.




#10 Let them have cake too

After the tears and the drama of having to go along to get along with the birthday girl, let them have cake too. You know they deserve it.





#11 Don’t forget to have fun

After you’ve enjoyed your champagne and cake (and made sure to get all necessary photos for said blog) let loose and have some fun.


#12 Don’t forget to live happily ever after

Running off into the sunset with your champagne is a good way to start.


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