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Saying goodbye is never fun or easy.

Ever since the wedding we’ve had a blast. We’ve traveled, we’ve wined and dined in exotic locations, we’ve seen much of the country and traveled the globe together. It has been fantastic. But like they say…


Carrying the weight of our relationship has been exhausting to say the least. Too many times I’m left home alone while Aaron is off “working.” I imagine the strain of sitting in a perfectly clean and quiet hotel room, night after night, can be quite draining. Can you imagine having to go out to eat ten times a month or more? Or how about unlimited time and access to a hotel gym? All while I’m stuck at home alone, with the noise, the laundry, the cleaning and did I mention alone. Need support? Dial 1-800-WhereIsMyHusbandNow.

Social media has made it easy to appear we have a healthy relationship, but sadly, this is not the case.

We made it through the holidays for the sake of the kids, and our families as to not make anyone feel awkward or uncomfortable. Now we are both stepping into the new year headed in different and new directions.

We wanted to make this announcement as soon possible to avoid any rumors or judgments and to ask for the help and support of our friends and family. We hope you will understand.

Approaching 40, I can’t imagine the position I’m putting myself in, as these things are even more difficult to cope with the older we get. I’ve done this before but at a much younger age. I don’t know where I’m going to end up this time.

The holidays are over. The kids are back to school. New Years resolutions are in full swing and Aaron and I stand here looking at each other trying to decide which way to go.

 Saying goodbye is never fun…..or easy.

You see, Diets are hard for everyone involved.

Goodbye hotdog. Hello hangry. Goodbye fluffy sweaters that hide everything. Hello treadmill. Goodbye really, really big boobs. Hello short shorts. Goodbye happy hour. Hello water. Goodbye gelato. Hello more water. Goodbye ice cream. Hello celery. Goodbye wine. Goodbye Hot wings. Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye.

So if you see me out and about and I’m looking down and blue, or sad, it’s because I’ve had to say goodbye to many things that I have loved for the past year. Our entire universe will be turned upside down.

Being a wedding photographer one of my most favorite jokes used to be “What’s white and fluffy and makes women fat? …….. Wedding cake.” Not so funny anymore.

I’ve been told recently that “Marriage looks good on me.”  I’ve come to the realization that they meant I was looking fuller and rounder and fluffier, also known as “FAT & HAPPY.”
I have to admit that even my big girl panties don’t fit anymore.

All the hikes, all the runs, and all the workouts have been no match for the man with the silver spoon (My sweet Husband.) I get it, he just wants me to be happy. A few glasses of wine and some chicken wings and I’m the happiest girl in town.

Starting with the New Year we are going through a huge change. No more Happy hour(s.) No more 3rd glass of wine. Yes, I said third glass. More exercise and less carbs.

So say a little prayer for my family because this isn’t going to be easy and this will affect everyone.

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite memories of our relationship, with food 🙁

Happy New Year from the slightly hungry, sore, and disgruntled


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